Jenkins At Law, LLC  
Jenkins At Law, LLC

Jenkins at Law, LLC provides legal services to start-up companies and Fortune 500 companies on a range of corporate, litigation, and administrative agency issues.  The firm has significant experience in energy law, alternative energy project development, telecommunications, environmental and water law, bid processes, zoning law, and other types of law.  You can find on this web site a sample of representative projects that highlight this experience, a bio of experience and links to articles of the firm’s founder, Alan Jenkins, as well as other relevant information.

We are happy to discuss a number of fee options that go beyond the traditional “billable hour” arrangement and that may better suit your situation. Contact us for more information.


NEWS ITEMS – pushing back utility prices




BOOKS BY AUTHOR: For information concerning books by the author, $TEEL DREAM$, A Long Fly Ball and Blown Off Track, hit “Articles in menu list on the right.





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